Product Announcement - Fleck NXT2 Controller by Pentair

Product Announcement - Fleck NXT2 Controller by Pentair

October 2018

Our top mount control valve supplier, Pentair (Fleck), is making a major change to their electronic controller. The NXT controller which has been sold for many years is being replaced by a new "NXT2" controller.

The new NXT2 controller has many new features which include:

  • New 2-4 Line OLED Display
  • Support for up to 8 Tanks
  • Two Programmable Auxiliary Relay Outputs
  • Forwards & Backwards programming navigation
  • Program Settings Can be Pushed to connected units
  • Two Regeneration Lockout Windows
  • Dynamic Network Addressing (you do not need to assign them)
  • Additional Diagnostic Displays
  • 100V-240V AC Input; 24V DC Output
  • Softener & Filter Programs

The new NXT2 controller supports all the same configurations and system types as the NXT. It also supports all the same meter types.

The new NXT2 controller is available now and will be phased in over the next two months. Pentair has informed us that they will no longer sell the NXT controller (or circuit board) after December 31, 2018.

What this means is that if you have to replace a NXT controller in the field, you will need to replace it with an NXT2 controller. We have a conversion kit available to replace the NXT. Marlo part number A2084088 includes the circuit board, bracket, wire harness, and transformer, to convert an existing NXT to NXT2. The list price for the conversion kit is $435.00 and we have them in stock. The NXT and NXT2 are not compatible with each other so if you have a multi-tank system, you will need to replace all of the controllers in the system. Also, if you are replacing an NXT controller on a unit from 2008 or earlier, you will also need to change the motors to the newer style AC/DC motors.

We will keep you briefed with additional correspondence through email and our website as this transition continues. If you have any questions, please contact either technical support or the commercial sales department.

pdfNXT2 Specification Sheet

pdfNXT2 Programming & Service Manual

pdfNXT to NXT2 Conversion Instructions