Reintroducing The 'MST' Series Water Softener Product Line

Reintroducing The 'MST' Series Water Softener Product Line

Due to increased customer demand, Marlo Incorporated has decided to re-launch its 'MST' commercial water softener line. It is essentially a hybrid of our 'MGT' and 'MR' product lines where a carbon steel resin vessel is employed with a top-mounted, multi-port control valve. The following are several benefits where the 'MST' water softener should be considered for your upcoming project:

  • Carbon steel pressure vessels offer a more economical option for meeting ASME Code Stamp and/or Seismic design requirements than FRP pressure vessels.

  • Carbon steel pressure vessels include standard top and bottom access handholes. This will allow for resin loading/unloading and other servicing of the interior of the vessels without removing the control valve.

  • Meeting customer preferences to use multi-port valves as an alternative to individually plumbed, diaphragm valves and an external stager controller device.

The new 'MST' product line is designed to cover a wide variety of commercial and institutional building applications. Individual vessel sizes range from 24"-48" diameter and resin capacities from 210,000 grain to 1,200,000 grain using either 2" or 3" control valves. Multiple tank configurations (up to 4) are available to increase flow rates and resin capacity.