Residential Filters

Water filtration systems for the home help reduce bad tastes, odors, and setiment from your household water.  With a Marlo home water filter system, you will receive a vast improvement in the clarity and taste of your water, on a daily basis.  Don't settle for less when you deserve the best, learn more about our home water filtration systems and how they can benefit your home.

UF-Series - Home Water Filters

The Marlo UF Home Water Filter is easy to set up and maintain, does not require electricity, allows for easy refilling and is great at saving water.

Klear-Flo-2 Series Household Water Filters

Our Klear-Flo II household water filter system does not require any chemicals and is extremely easy to sanitize.

Home Water Filter Systems - CAF-AFC Series

The Marlo CAF - AFC water filtration systems for the home includes an easy-to-program timer, small annual power consumption, and operates independently of water pressure.

AFF-AFA Series Water Filters

The AFF - AFA series home water filter system has a rugged, glass-reinforced Noryl construction for great durability.  Also, the AFF - AFA series includes quality application-specific filter media and internal distributor.