Residential Water Softeners

Feel the difference with a Marlo, Inc. home water softener.  With over 30 years of excelling in water treatment solutions, our residential water softeners are the industry standard for water treatment technology.  From your kitchen drinking water, to your laundry room, to your shower—Marlo, Inc. water softener systems make all the difference between good water, and great water!

Best Home Water Softener - CMP Series

The Marlo Incorporated CMP Series residential water softener comes fully assembled and ready for installation. Soften your water today - find out more!

Residential Water Softeners - F Series

Take advantage of great savings on water, electricity and salt with the Marlo Incorporated "F" Series residential water softener.

Home Water Softeners - A Series

Our "A" Series water softener continuously conditions your water and adjusts to water demands; thereby giving you high savings, without compromising on the quality.

Water Softeners for the Home - CTC Series

Our highest flow capacity water softener, the CTC series sports a digital display and user-friendly electronic and is fully assembled and ready for installation.

MCV Series - Residential Water Softeners

The Marlo Incorporated MCV Series residential water softener features our custom Marlo control valve. Soften your water today - find out more!