Duplex Reverse Osmosis Systems & Membrane Clean-in-Place Skid


MARLO Duplex, 225-GPM Industrial-Grade Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids with a Membrane Clean-in-Place (CIP) Skid for a Bottled Water Production Facility. Key features include a Grundfos vertical high pressure pumps, Allen Bradley PLC/HMI Panel, Motor Control Panel including Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), 304 Stainless Steel and Sch 80 PVC Pipework, UL Listed NEMA-4 Electrical Enclosures, Automatic Shutdown Flush Cycle with RO Water, Automatic Off-Spec Product Divert Valve, and Automatic Feed/Product Blending Valve.  Skids will alternate based on usage but can automatically switchover to operate both skids during periods of peak water demand.

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