Water Filtration Systems

Institutional / Industrial Custom Equipment

MFG-SM Series Industrial Water Filtration System

The MARLO 'MFG-SM' Series Industrial Water Treatment System is the corrosion resistant alternative to the 'MFS' Series of media based water filtration systems. These systems are equipped with FRP resin tanks and Sch 80 PVC exterior piping and valves.

Light Commercial

MFG Series Commercial Water Filtration System

For use with any of the filter technologies. A commercial water filtration system designed for smaller applications under 40-GPM per filter vessel, but can be configured in multi-tank parallel systems for higher flow rates.



The Oxidizer System reduces undesirable iron and sulfur (rotten egg odor) levels from water supplies without the use of harmful chemicals.

Klear-Flo-2 Series

Our Klear-Flo II household water filter system does not require any chemicals and is extremely easy to sanitize.

CAF-AFC Series

The MARLO CAF-AFC water filtration systems for the home includes an easy-to-program timer, small annual power consumption, and operates independently of water pressure.