Light Commercial

MRO-4-LP Series

The MARLO MRO-4-LP Series Reverse Osmosis system offers a low pressure, energy saving design for light commercial applications requiring an economical means for high purity water. Nominal output capacities of 3,600 - 16,200 GPD.

MRO-4 Series

The MARLO MRO-4 Series Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for larger commercial and industrial applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection).

MRO-2.5 Series

The MARLO 'MRO-2.5' Series Economy type Reverse Osmosis machine is designed for commercial applications requiring purified water (90%+ salt rejection). Nominal output capacities of 200-2,500 GPD. Vertically arranged membrane housings allow for minimal floor space requirements.