Specialty Ion Exchange/High Purity Systems

MARLO designs and manufactures both standard and specially engineered ion exchange equipment for an array of applications including deionization (separate and mixed bed), dealkalizers, and condensate polishers.

Institutional / Industrial Custom Equipment

MMB Series Mixed-Bed Deionized Water Treatment System

The MARLO 'MMB' Series Mixed-Bed Deionizer (MBDI) industrial water treatment systems are designed for industrial, ultra-pure deionized water treatment applications where only trace amounts of dissolved solids are allowed.

MCP Series Condensate Polisher System

The MARLO 'MCP' Series condensate polisher system offers a sound industrial water solution for removing impurities such as iron, copper, and hardness from returned steam condensate resulting in improved boiler feedwater quality and lower operating costs.

LWS Series Lab Water Treatment Systems

MARLO Laboratory Water Systems are engineered to serve as the centralized, purified water source for a variety of academic, medical, and other research laboratory facilities. Designed to meet or exceed the Type I, II, III reagent-grade water platforms set forth by CAP/NCCLS or ASTM standards for lab water treatment.

PEDI Regen Plants (Packaged Batch Resin Regeneration)

MARLO Packaged Batch DI Regeneration Plants support the providers of a portable exchange deionization (PEDI) service business with an operator friendly, pre-engineered design to regenerate exhausted mixed-bed resin at their facility.

PEDI Tanks (Portable Exchange Deionization)

Jumbo-Type, Portable Exchange Deionziation Tanks (PEDI) are used for larger, high purity water treatment applications where the convenience for using an off-site resin regeneration service is desired.

EDI Series Electro-Deionized Water Treatment Skids

The Electro-Deionization process is the latest technology in deionized water treatment to achieve ultrapure water. EDI uses ion exchange resins in the presence of a DC voltage potential to remove cation and anion contaminants from the feed water supply.

MATD Series Dealkalized Water Treatment Systems

The MARLO 'MATD' Series is designed for commercial and industrial boiler-feed applications demanding a continuous dealkalized water supply. All systems are twin-alternating configurations with one tank in regeneration or stand-by at all times.

MDAS Series (Boiler-Feed Applications)

The MARLO 'MDAS' Series is designed for larger industrial boiler-feed applications. Individual tank capacity ranges from 50,000 grain to 980,000 grain with continuous flow rates of 10-300 GPM.

MSB-F Series Automatic Deionized Water Treatment Systems

The MARLO 'MSB-F' Series Automatic Separate-Bed Deionizer (DI) industrial water treatment system offers a corrosion resistant deionized water treatment alternative for the economical production of high purity water in industrial applications where DI exchange tank service or reverse osmosis (RO) systems are not desired.