PEDI Tanks (Portable Exchange Deionization)

Jumbo-Type, Portable Exchange Deionziation Tanks (PEDI) are used for larger, high purity water treatment applications where the convenience for using an off-site resin regeneration service is desired. Suitable for a variety of system configurations including Separate-Bed DI, Mixed-Bed DI, Specific Ion Resins, and Filtration Media.

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  • Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel
  • Non-Code, 100 psig Design Pressure
  • Vinylester Interior Lining (40-45 mil., NSF/ANSI 61 Certified)
  • Safety Blue Exterior Finish Paint
  • Skid Baseplate with Forklift Slots
  • 12"x16" Manway Assembly (Sideshell)
  • Service Inlet/Outlet Pad Flange Connectors (Sideshell)
  • 2" Fill Pad Flange Connection (Upper Head)
  • 2" Drain Pad Flange Connection (Bottom Head)
  • Pre-Piped PVC Hub-Radial Internal Distributor Piping
  • Upper Head Lift Lugs (36" Diameter and Larger)
  • Optional Resin Regeneration Plants (Contact Factory)