Reverse Osmosis Systems

Institutional / Industrial Custom Equipment

MRO-8H Series

The MARLO 'MRO-8H' Series Reverse Osmosis system is designed for industrial applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection). Nominal output capacities of 36,000-432,000 GPD (25-300 GPM).

MRO-SW Series

The MRO-SW series of Reverse Osmosis units are designed to process seawater and provide a high quality freshwater supply for a variety of potable, domestic, and industrial uses. Offers a wide range of output capacities (5,000-300,000 GPD).

Membrane Clean-In-Place

MARLO Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems are engineered for on-site cleaning of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and other membrane based water treatment equipment. Periodic cleaning of the membrane elements will extend the useful life and greatly improve the economics of ownership.

MPS Series

The MARLO ‘MPS’ Series Transfer Pump Skid is offered to complement our other water treatment equipment to offer you a more integrated system. The standard product platform is designed for general water transfer such as inlet water pressure boosting and RO water transfer from a storage tank.

MRO-8H-1L Series

The MARLO MRO-1L Reverse Osmosis System is a specialized, hybrid design that combines the simple operation and economical features of a traditional 4" style machine with higher product flow rates and industrial appearance of an 8" style machine.

Light Commercial

MRO-4-LP Series

The MARLO MRO-4-LP Series Reverse Osmosis system offers a low pressure, energy saving design for light commercial applications requiring an economical means for high purity water. Nominal output capacities of 3,600 - 16,200 GPD.

MRO-4 Series

The MARLO MRO-4 Series Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for larger commercial and industrial applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection).

MRO-2.5 Series

The MARLO 'MRO-2.5' Series Economy type Reverse Osmosis machine is designed for commercial applications requiring purified water (90%+ salt rejection). Nominal output capacities of 200-2,500 GPD. Vertically arranged membrane housings allow for minimal floor space requirements.


50 GPD 3-Stage RO (TFC35 and TFC35M)

MARLO's TFC35 & TFC35M RO System (Residential Reverse Osmosis System) is designed for simplified installation and holds approximately two (2) gallons of water.

100 GPD 5-Stage RO (RO-100 5-Stage)

The MARLO RO 100 5-stage Reverse Osmosis System includes a 5 Micron Sediment Filter, automatic shut-off, and provides 100 gallons of fresh water per day.