MRO-8H Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

The Marlo 'MRO-8H' Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis system is designed for industrial applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection).

Nominal output capacities of 36,000-432,000 GPD (25-300 GPM).
Flexible design allowing for easy customization to meet tight engineering specifications.

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  • High rejection, 8" x 40" thin-film composite (TFC) membrane elements in a spiral-wound configuration.
  • FRP membrane housings with PVC end-cap material, stainless steel side-entry feed/reject ports, and white polyurethane finish. Designed for 300 psig pressure rating.
  • Stainless steel multi-stage feed pump with TEFC motor (230/460V, 3-Phase).
  • Epoxy–coated carbon steel skid/frame assembly.
  • Stainless steel pre-filter housing with 5.0-micron cartridges.
  • NEMA-4 programmable logic controller (PLC) package complete with operator lights and switches for optimal system control. Includes pre-wired motor starter, low inlet and high pump discharge pressure switches with alarms, and pre-treatment interlock.
  • Product water conductivity monitor with digital display and adjustable alarm.
  • Panel-mounted product, reject, and recycle flowmeters with digital display.
  • Panel-mounted stainless steel system pressure gauges and sampling valves.
  • In-line system temperature indicator.
  • PVC low pressure piping/valves and 304 stainless steel high pressure piping and valves.
  • Automatic system inlet feed valve.
  • Automatic membrane flush cycle (at programmed timed intervals).
  • All 304/316 stainless steel process piping and valves (low and high pressure lines).
  • Premium-efficient feed pump motors.
  • Inlet feed-water pH monitor/controller.
  • Inlet feed-water ORP monitor/controller.
  • Inlet feed-water hardness monitor.
  • Inlet feed-water Silt Density Index (SDI) test assembly.
  • Membrane flush cycle with RO product.
  • RO product diversion valve.
  • Touch-screen operator interface terminals in lieu of lights and switches.
  • Skid-mounted membrane Clean-in-Place systems.
  • RO system performance evaluation software packages.
  • Product water storage tanks and re-pressurization pump systems.
  • Multi-media, activated carbon, and water softener pre-treatment systems.
  • Inlet feed-water chemical injection systems for pH adjust, dechlorination, and anti-scalant.
  • Separate-bed, mixed-bed, and electro-deionization post-treatment systems.