MRO-4 Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The MARLO MRO-4 Series Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for larger commercial reverse osmosis and industrial reverse osmosis applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection).

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  • High rejection, 4" x 40" thin-film composite (TFC) membrane elements in a spiral-wound configuration.
  • FRP membrane housings with PVC end-cap material (300 psig rating).
  • Stainless steel multi-stage feed pump with TEFC motor (230/460V, 3-Phase).
  • Polypropylene pre-filter housing with 5.0-micron cartridge.
  • Epoxy–coated carbon steel skid/frame assembly.
  • NEMA-4X system controller complete with operator lights and switches for simple operation. Includes pre-wired motor starter, low inlet pressure switch with alarm, and pre-treatment interlock.
  • Compact product water conductivity monitor with digital display.
  • Panel-mounted product, reject, and recycle visual flow rota-meters.
  • Panel-mounted stainless steel system pressure gauges and sampling valves.
  • PVC low pressure piping/valves and brass/stainless steel high pressure tubing and valves.
  • Automatic system inlet feed valve.
  • Automatic membrane flush cycle (after system shutdown).
  • Skid-Mount Packages - RO machines are available with the necessary pre-treatment and re-pressurization equipment mounted to a structural carbon steel skid and pre-piped/pre-wired to the fullest extent. Greatly reduces installation time and costs. Not available for 18,000-28,800 GPD models.
  • Clean-in-Place Packages - For periodic cleaning of the membrane elements to remove mineral scale and biological fouling. Includes a skid mounted and pre-wired transfer pump, batch solution tank, inlet filter housing, isolation valves, and quick disconnect cleaning ports. Recommended for 18,000-28,800 GPD models to maximize membrane life and significantly reduce operating costs.