EDI Series Electro-Deionized Water Treatment Skids

The Electro-Deionization process is the latest technology in deionized water treatment to achieve ultrapure water. EDI uses ion exchange resins in the presence of a DC voltage potential to remove cation and anion contaminants from the feed water supply. Ion selective membranes are then used within the modules to continuously remove these contaminants and carry them out in a small concentrate stream. The voltage applied across the cell allows for the electrochemical "splitting" of water into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (OH-) ions within the ion exchange resins resulting in constant regeneration without the addition of chemicals, wastewater neutralization/disposal, and shutdown time. This results in a major advantage over the operation of traditional, regenerable Mixed-Bed Deionization and Service Exchange DI Systems.

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  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix Series PLC system
  • Allen Bradley PanelView operator terminal
  • DC Power supply/rectifier unit
  • NEMA-4 electrical enclosures
  • Electric-actuated inlet water valve
  • Individual EDI cell sampling ports
  • Product water resistivity monitor
  • Flowmeters for product, reject, and electrolyte streams
  • Feedwater pH monitor
  • Product water divert valve
  • Alternate PLC systems
  • EDI cell clean-in-place (CIP) systems
  • CPVC system piping
  • Feedwater resistivity monitor
  • System pressure transmitters
  • Product water pressure relief valve
  • Two-pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) pretreatment
  • Feed/product water storage tanks
  • Feed/product water transfer pump systems