PEDI Regen Plants (Packaged Batch Resin Regeneration)

MARLO Packaged Batch DI Regeneration Plants support the providers of a portable exchange deionization (PEDI) service business with an operator friendly, pre-engineered design to regenerate exhausted mixed-bed resin at their facility. The standard system includes a resin separation vessel which allows for the transfer of the cation and anion resin into separate vessels to be regenerated simultaneously. After regeneration and rinse to quality, the cation and anion resins are sent to a final vessel to remix before being placed back into the exchange tanks and returned to service.

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  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC System
  • Allen Bradley PanelView 800 Interface
  • Semi-Automatic Resin Regeneration
  • Manual Operation for Separation and Remix
  • Simultaneous Regeneration of Cation & Anion Resins
  • Aquamatic K53 Diaphragm Control Valves
  • Conductivity Monitor for Quality Rinse
  • Visual Flow Meters for Water Inlet Lines
  • Visual Flow Meter for Air Inlet (Remix Vessel)
  • 316SS Pressure Gauges
  • Full Sideshell Sight Windows (3"x12")
  • NEMA-4X Electrical Enclosures (FRP)
  • Brine Rinse Function for Separation Vessel
  • Clear Piping Sections for Resin Transfer Links
  • Venturi Eductors for Chemical Inlets
  • Temperature Gauge for Hot Water Inlet
  • Automatic Air Vent Valves for Separation & Remix Vessels
  • Junction Panels for Separation & Remix Vessels
  • Flexible Design for Multiple Resin Types