MST Series Commercial Water Softening System

MARLO 'MST' commercial water softening systems are designed to fit the requirements of many types of commercial and institutional applications. Whether it is for boiler feed or domestic supply water for a school or hotel, the MST offers a robust and efficient solution for reducing mineral scale, soap usage, and energy consumption in the plumbing and other water using equipment.

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  • Carbon steel resin tanks with epoxy-lined interior
  • Upper/Lower vessel handholes (4"x 6")
  • Piston driven, multiport, top mount control valves
  • Meter initiated regeneration cycle
  • Brine tank assembly with safety overflow
  • Sodium form cation exchange resin
  • Water hardness testing kit
  • Skid mounted and pre-piped system (Sch 80 PVC or Copper piping)
  • Multi-tank system configurations (Twin, Triple)
  • Alternating or Progressive flow configurations
  • Building Management System (BMS) communication
  • ASME rated pressure vessels
  • Seismic rated designs
  • Stainless steel turbine type meters (2" and 3")
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges and sample valves
  • Larger brine tanks
  • Multiple voltage options
  • Side mount control valves