Integrated, Industrial-Grade Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for an automotive painting production line. The system includes a Duplex Activated Carbon Filter Skid, Duplex Parallel Multi-Media Filter Skid, Duplex 225-GPM RO Skids, Membrane Clean-in-Place (CIP) Skid, Duplex
Quadraplex Manganese Greensand Media Filter Skid for iron removal in the well water supply to a medical research facility. Key features include 54" diameter epoxy-lined carbon steel tanks, thermoplastic bodied diaphragm control valves, Sch 80 CPVC pipework, PLC/HMI
We completed the assembly of an Industrial-Grade, Triplex Tank Water Softener Skid for a major meat processing facility. The system consists of a twin alternating softener configuration (online/standby) in series with a simplex polishing softener. Key features include
We completed assembly of a 40 ft3 Packaged Batch Resin Regeneration Plant for the provider of a portable exchange deionization (PEDI) service business for regenerating exhausted mixed-bed resin at their own facility. The system includes a resin separation vessel which
We completed factory testing for a 25-GPM Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skid to provide highly purified water to feed a final polishing step through Electro-Deionization (EDI) at an electronic device manufacturing facility. Two-Pass designs are essentially two (2) RO
Packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skid to provide purified water to feed a bank of instrument washer/sterilizer units at an outpatient surgical center. Key features include multi-media pre-filter, activated carbon filter, duplex alternating water softener, 2,500-GPD RO
We just finished up factory testing of a Triplex Water Softener Skid for the polishing of RO water to remove residual hardness prior to boiler feed and process water at a food production plant. Key features include 36" diameter FRP resin tanks, air-actuated butterfly
We completed the assembly of a Duplex Parallel Progressive Water Softener Skid for the steam plant on a major medical center campus. Traditional mechanical room features include ASME code stamped epoxy-lined carbon steel pressure vessels, galvanized coated carbon steel
We have been pleased to host several Technical Training sessions for customer groups at our facility recently. A wide variety of topics were covered including basic water chemistry, water treatment theory and equipment operation, product sales training, equipment start
We completed the assembly of an integrated Activated Carbon Filter and Water Softener Skid for RO pre-treatment at a commercial horticulture operation. Key features include FRP resin tanks, top-mounted control valves, duplex alternating feedwater supply pumps, hydro