Bulk Brinemaker Silos - MBM Series

Marlo Bulk Brinemaker Silos are the ideal complement for industrial water softening systems that require a large amount of daily salt consumption for the regeneration process. The corrosion-free design will allow for on-site truckload delivery of sodium chloride salt that is pneumatically conveyed directly into the silo. An automatic liquid level controller will introduce fresh water into the silo to provide for a consistent supply of saturated brine
to be subsequently pumped to the water softener system. Numerous sizes and options are available to provide the best fit for your application.


Standard Equipment/Features

  • Use for either Granulated or Rock/Solar Salt
  • Pneumatic Salt Fill Pipe
  • Inlet Water Spray Ring Distributor
  • Brine Collection System
  • Air Vent Pipe with Dust Control Filter
  • Access Ladder Assembly
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Automatic Water Refill Valve
  • 24" Covered Upper Access Manway
  • 24" Covered Lower Cleanout Manway
  • Anchor / Lifting Lugs
  • Gravel Support Bed



  • Freeze Protection System (Insulation &
  • Heat Controls)
  • Ladder Safety Cage
  • Solid Salt Level Indicator
  • FRP Ladder Construction
  • Brine Pump & Metering Systems
  • Seismic / Wind Load Designs