Automatic DI System - MSB-F Series

The Marlo 'MSB-F' Series Automatic Separate-Bed Deionizer (DI) system offers a corrosion resistant alternative for the economical production of high purity water in industrial applications where DI exchange tank service or reverse osmosis (RO) systems are not desired. Standard designs are available for product flow rates of 5-250 GPM.


  • Composite FRP resin tank with tri-pod base
  • Aquamatic diaphragm style control valves (air-actuated)
  • Volume, time, or conductivity initiated regeneration cycle
  • Pre-sized chemical eductors
  • High capacity, cation and anion exchange resins
  • Tank isolation valves & system bypass valve
  • Inlet/outlet tank and dilute chemical sampling valves
  • Factory Hydro-Tested at 100 psig

Optional Equipment

  • ASME rated resin tanks
  • Duplex alternating systems (2-skids required)
  • Recirculation pump systems (for low-flow periods)
  • Regenerant chemical tank and pump systems
  • Alternate PLC systems
  • CPVC exterior piping
  • Automatic butterfly or ball control valves
  • Alternate ion exchange resins
  • Wastewater neutralization systems
  • Regeneration with sulfuric acid