Industrial-Grade Triplex Tank Water Softener Skids

Marlo Triplex Tank Water Softener Skid Model

★This Week at Marlo Incorporated★

We completed the assembly of an Industrial-Grade, Triplex Tank Water Softener Skid for a major meat processing facility. The system consists of a twin alternating softener configuration (online/standby) in series with a simplex polishing softener.

Key features include 304 stainless steel pressure vessels (66" diameter), 304 stainless steel interconnecting piping (6" service), 80 ft3 ion exchange resin per vessel, electric-actuated butterfly control valves, magnetic-type flowmeters, and PLC/HMI panel. Designed for integration with an existing bulk brinemaker silo. Fully skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory tested.

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